Oliver Twist

Художня література
Автор: Чарлз Діккенс
Видавництво: Wordsworth Editions
ISBN: 9781853260124
Рік видання: 2000р.
Мова видання: англійська
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Includes introduction and notes by Dr Ella Westland, University of Exeter and Illustrations by George Cruickshank. Dickens had already achieved renown with The Pickwick Papers . With Oliver Twist his reputation was enhanced and strengthened. This novel contains many classic Dickensian themes - grinding poverty, desperation, fear, temptation and the eventual triumph of good in the face of great adversity. Oliver Twist features some of the author`s most enduring characters, such as Oliver himself (Who dares to ask for more), the tyrannical Bumble, the diabolical Fagin, the menacing Bill Sykes, Nancy and `the Artful Dodger`.

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